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Metal Storage

Short or long term storage and preservation of equipment is now cost effective with the ability to use Oxifree storage coatings.

 Stored or pre-positioned stocks of equipment and material can be severely degraded by corrosion and contamination with industries spending billions of dollars annually to address the corrosion of assets placed in storage. Typically it is estimated that 31% of the overall maintenance costs are corrosion related and as much as one third of these costs could be reduced through effective corrosion prevention and mitigation.

 The primary method of storage of pre-positioned assets is in humidity controlled storage facilities which is costly and often just not practical. These assets are still required to be protected during the transportation between manufacturer and point of storage and delivery to location at which time the preventative system will have to be disposed off, typically at an addition cost.

The unique properties of Oxifree eliminate many of the issues and costs associated with the storage of assets:

  • Easy to apply either in warehouses or remote locations
  • 100% protection whether short or long term storage requirements
  • Re-usable up to 10 times
  • Safe to use and environmentally friendly
  • Guarantees the protection of expensive assets

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